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We Work for You, Not the Insurance Company

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We’re more than just a roofing company, we are your advocate. We work exclusively for you to get the compensation that your insurance provider owes you.

As one of Texas’ top-rated roofing restoration companies, we believe it is our duty to protect you every step of the way when you need us most. We will help walk through everything with an expert eye so that there are no surprises on either end because:


  • We Live, Breath, & Work on Roofs
  • We are Licensed Pharr, TX Roofers
  • You Are Our Customer, Not the Insurance Company 
  • We Guarantee Satisfaction
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Residential roofing

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Roof Repair

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Roof Replacement

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Roof Inspection

Roofer inspecting roof in Edinburg, TX.

Roof Maintenance

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Insurance Claims

how Our PHARR, TX roofing company is different

Let’s not even think about entering a legal dispute without the help of an attorney knowledgeable about it. Why would you consider handling your insurance claim if you wouldn’t represent yourself?

Some people think you can file a claim and get your money back quickly. However, there are always complications with any insurance claim—big or small alike. It’s best to leave these complex matters to someone who knows what they’re doing, given their knowledge and experience handling these proceedings.

Texas Damage Consultants promises to inspect your roof and let you know if any problems require attention. If so, we’ll do everything we can to ensure they don’t get worse!

A roof is one of the most critical parts of any home, not just for protection against the weather. Let us evaluate your needs so that you can make sure your claim was processed correctly or be reimbursed if it’s already paid!

Whether you need a roof replacement or an inspection, we’re the team for your needs! We’ve got what it takes to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their experience.

Have you ever tried calculating how much of a loss would be covered under each section of your homeowner’s policy and what the fair market value for your roof is? Unfortunately, insurance policies are often overlooked because they’re not as exciting or fun to read.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals to help negotiate with insurance companies, look no further than Texas Damage Consultants in Pharr, TX. We’ll be able to get your bases covered whether or not you know everything there is about the process of claim filing and processing.

Insurance providers can sometimes be challenging to work with. Your case may be solid, but they may still find a way for you not to get compensated. It takes time, money, and heartache just trying to prove that your claim is worth their attention.

Insurance cases don’t always go as planned. Still, when an insurer needs help assessing damages or deciding whether something should be paid out in full, someone knowledgeable about how these things happen can come in handy. For example, a consultant could present evidence from a sympathetic point of view which could result in more significant compensation.

Our knowledgeable staff can make your worries disappear. From the moment an incident occurs until after settlement, we have you covered with our experienced team of investigators trained in every aspect of roof projects and litigation for commercial properties and residential houses.

At the first sign of damage, don’t hesitate to call us! Once your claim is processed and approved, our experts will be on hand for all necessary repairs. Whether you need a whole new roof or just some minor fixes-we’ll take care of it!

When disaster strikes, we are there to help. We know how much work is involved in repairing the damage done by a fire or storm and can quickly get your life back on track with our experienced team of experts who specialize in roof repair services.

We can handle all your roofing needs and more! You’ll be able to relax knowing it’s in good hands.

We believe Pharr residents deserve the best.

At our company, we take pride in the quality of workmanship that goes into every job. We want to ensure you’re happy with your roofing project and are there for all stages from start to finish!

At R&R Roofing Company, we care about more than just putting on a new shingle or two -we’re invested in making an impactful difference by providing top-notch customer service and excellent craftsmanship.

That’s why every step throughout the process must be completed with care—even after the installation. Our team will assist with any questions or concerns during this phase, so everything gets done correctly without hassle.

Roof care is not something that you can put off. When fixing your roof, the sooner we get started on repairs and maintenance work today, the better!

For example: If there’s anything our team of experienced professionals can do for you today – big or small – please call (956) 253-1206 because nothing matters more than getting your home in good shape as soon as possible.


What We Do at Pharr, TX Roofing Company

I can’t tell you how often homeowners complained to me about their insurance companies paying for claims.

At the Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company, we know that no one wants to go through an insurance process. Our technicians will work closely with you and your insurer, so both of our goals are accomplished: repairing your roof as soon as possible!

The aftermath of hailstorms and hurricanes can be both physically challenging and difficult to navigate emotionally. After these disasters strike your home or office, it is important that you stay safe from the storm!

Immediately following a destructive natural disaster, call us for help at (956) 253-1206 so we can send out our team of repair specialists who will assess your damages to get you what you are entitled by law from your insurance company!

We’ve been working with insurance companies for many years and have become experts in handling claims involving damages on roofs. We can help you make the best decision possible, no matter what your situation is or how much damage has occurred to your roof!

We’ve spent a lot of time dealing with people whose homes were damaged by hail storms, windstorms, fires—all sorts of things that cause their roofs to sustain various amounts of structural and cosmetic damage.

Our team is so thorough that we often find storm, hail, and wind damage missed by insurance adjusters.

You might not know it, but during our roof inspections we routinely uncover damages that are either overlooked on an initial inspection report from your insurance company or were never noted by us before.

There are many ways in which a roof can fail, and it is important to analyze the damage before replacing it. We will provide you with a detailed analysis for approval of replacement, as well as be there every step of the way until we get things fully completed!

Protect your home and be worry-free with our quality service! No hidden costs or financial surprises when you replace the roof that protects your family.

Texas Damage Consultants is the one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs. If you’re looking to get on top of any problems ASAP, we’ll help with insurance claims while also providing expert repair services.

Our one-of-a-kind, comprehensive service offering will save you the headache of hiring a roofing company and managing expectations. You can now focus on your other priorities because we take care of everything for you from start to finish!

Our promises

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We do what we say 

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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We provide high- quality work

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We only work for the policyholder

The roof protects your most prized possessions. From the inside to out, we have you covered with a service unmatched in Texas! We offer installation and finish work on roofs of all kinds and sizes.  

  • We are Ethical
  • We provide Excellence
  • We offer Exceptional Service
  • We handle Exclusive Insurance Claims


Pharr residents deserve to be treated with respect. We are committed to you and your family’s safety for roofing repairs.

At Texas Damage Consultans, honesty is what matters most. No matter if it’s working on small jobs like repairing shingles from hail damage or installing huge commerical roofs, we want you to feel comfortable in a time of need.

Our team is dedicated to being transparent and affordable. We will always provide you with fair quotes so that there are no surprises at the end of installation day!


The truism that excellence in big things starts with doing the little things every day is never more true than it is with roofing work.

Texas Damage Consultants is not just a company that helps you with your insurance and roofing. We are here for the long haul, providing friendly service every step of the way.


From providing a durable and strong roof for your home to keeping the interior of it dry, our company has been doing this job in Pharr, TX for many years.

It is one thing that we are proud of because not only do you get quality workmanship at every turn, but also an exceptional experience with us from beginning until end. We will guarantee satisfaction by delivering what was promised on time as per budget and specification needs. Texas Damage Consultants provides you peace-of-mind when its comes to roofing solutions in the Pharr, TX area!


We will always be committed to our customers, even when they are in need of storm damage services. Whether it is insurance claims or roof repairs after a natural disaster, we want them to know that their safety and security come first with us!

Our commitment goes beyond providing for each customer during difficult times like an emergency claim; we also work hard so homes can become more than simply “shelter” from storms but instead provide comfort as well as protection against future incidents.

A roof is not just a thing that stops water from leaking into your house or keeping it cool. Pharr residents deserve roofs designed around meeting all aspects of life here in Texas.

For example we offer custom solutions such as fire resistant shingles and skylight installation and repair.  

Our team designs roofs with both aesthetics and function in mind so they’re suited to every aspect of living in this great Rio Grande Valley area. 

Texas Damage Consultants is the best company to work with in Pharr when it comes time for storm damage. We walk you through your insurance claim step by step, including an initial inspection and working hand in hand with adjusters so that there’s only one estimate needed – which saves everyone a lot of hassle!

When life throws you an unexpected curveball, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who understand the frustrations. That’s why we’re here for you when things get tough with our 24/7 claims service staffed by experts ready and able to help!


At Texas Damage Consultants, we’re here for all your roofing needs. We can handle any size job from leak repairs to emergency services!

You wake up one morning to find that your roof has been leaking during the night. Don’t panic, we can be there quickly and offer a complimentary inspection service. We are committed to upholding high standards of workmanship by employing highly skilled professionals with extensive training who know how to best address any problem that arises on your roof

We are a leading roofing contractor in the Pharr community. Our goal is to provide customers with quality workmanship, integrity, and respect at competitive rates.

By utilizing innovative products that meet stringent safety standards, we can ensure the utmost protection for your home or business property from damage due to weather conditions such as hurricanes and thunderstorms, while not sacrificing aesthetic value.

As a roofing company, our strength and endurance come from repeat business. We know that when you’re happy with us today, we can count on your future referrals! 

At our company, we put the client first and foremost in every project. We do this by listening to their needs so that they are satisfied with both quality and price of what is provided for them; no surprises or hidden costs later down the line!

Our roofing company is more than just a job. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of something great and help make the Pharr, TX better!

Our cooperative, encouraging atmosphere encourages each person at our company – from administrative assistants to installers, to provide first-rate quality in everything we do.

We’re ready to help you with any size of problem. And if it’s a big or small issue, we’ll be there for you – from answering questions and providing expert service on all your roofing needs, to figuring out the best materials for every situation.

As the owner and principal of Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company, I can attest to what storms in this area are like.

You’re not alone – as a local businessperson who’s seen his share of destruction from these natural disasters, there is someone here for you when your roof needs repairs or replacement after it takes damage during such extreme weather events.

Remember Hurricane Dolly in 2008? I’m sure you do. That was the most destructive Texas hurricane on record to the tune of over $1 billion!

I was outraged when I saw how insurance companies treated Pharr, TX residents. They were less than helpful and seemed more concerned about not paying what was owed to their policyholders. This made me determined to do something about it!

What People are Saying

Texas Damage Consultants helped us on our residential and Commerical properties. They provided invaluable service from beginning to end. Assisted in dealing with our insurance provider, provided estimates assuring we received the proper payouts on our claims, and in the end replaced our roofs. We’ve worked with them on multiple properties, and would use them again if needed, and would definitely recommend them to family, friends, and others.

—Roland Villarreal

Ready to get what you deserve?
Don't let the Insurance Company
keep what's yours.
Call (956) 253-1206 for a
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Ready to Get What You Deserve?
Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
Call (956) 358-4000 for a
FREE Estimate.

Ready to Get What You Deserve? Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
Call (956) 358-4000 for a
FREE Estimate.

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