Edinburg Roofing

Insurance Claims 

Holding your hand through the whole process

Edinburg Roofing

Insurance Claims

Holding your hand through the whole process

Edinburg Roofing

Insurance Claims

Holding your hand
through the whole process

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Our Roofing Insurance Claims Services

Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have an expert team supporting your roof damage claim.

We conduct a complete evaluation of your damage. We then document the full extent of your loss by compiling photographic evidence and using outside experts to support your claim as needed.

Hail damage on shingle roof in Edinburg,

We understand how difficult it is to read your insurance policy from front to back and know how to apply your specific coverage to your property damage, all while determining the current fair market value of that loss?

Would you buy a house without a real estate agent? Would you represent yourself in a legal dispute without an attorney? Then why handle your loss without a damage consultant and expert roofer?

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New Claims Process

When the insurance company makes its initial inspection and evaluation of a claim, it will determine what path the claim will take to either payment or denial.

Having a property damage consultant representing you at the beginning can help the insurance company representative see your claim in a more favorable and liberal view when accessing the damages, ultimately affect the life span of the claim and the amount it pays to you.

In addition to obtaining higher settlements, you will sleep better at night knowing we handle the entire process from start to finish, so you can concentrate on what is important to you.

To start our Roofing Insurance Claims Process, we will:

Meet With You

We discuss your loss and conduct a thorough inspection to evaluate what is needed to make you whole.

Review Policy

We obtain the declarations page of your insurance policy that was in effect on the date of your roofing loss.

Obtain Invoices

We obtain any emergency or temporary repair invoices you have already paid in regards to your claim.

Pending, Underpaid & Denied Claims 

Generally, most states allow at least two years from the date of denial or partial payment to dispute your insurance offer or settlement.

Our roofing insurance claims department has experienced great success handling roofing claims and finding discrepancies, which benefitted our clients tremendously even if you have already been paid or have received an offer for settlement.

If we believe the insurance company was correct in their original determination, we will advise you of that and discuss the reasons why the insurance company may have the right to deny your claim.

To make an accurate determination of your claim, we need to gather and assess some necessary information and documentation. Having these documents ready will expedite the claim review process.

If you do not have the items listed below, we can recover them from the insurance company.

  • The declarations page of the insurance policy that was enforce on the date of loss.
  • Any estimate(s) provided by the insurance company.
  • Any denial letter(s) or other claim communications in writing from the insurance company.
  • Any photographs that you have taken of the damaged property.
  • All repair invoices you have paid in regards to your loss.

After we review the claim’s documentation, we will determine the facts and possibly schedule an inspection of your property to have a new estimate produced.

If further discrepancies are discovered, we will send them to your insurance company.

Roofing Insurance Claims 

When your roof is damaged after a storm, it isn’t easy to know the truth if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. Dealing with roofing insurance claims, talking to adjusters, and making sure you’re fully compensated for all covered damages is a daunting process.

Many homeowners are unsure of how to file a claim, what types of documents they need, or, most importantly, what to expect.

The roof over your head is the most essential element of your home. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, over 90% of hail or high wind claims receive some sort of payment, but it’s usually not everything you should get.

With our help, you will receive a free inspection and a proper assessment so that the full cause and extent of damage to your roof is reported and compensated accordingly. With our insurance claims specialist service, you can present a well-prepared case to the insurance company.

Guidance and Assurance

We know you can take care of handling roofing insurance claims on your own, but many homeowners end up missing things that result in substandard payments or not being paid at all.

Everyone knows insurance companies are not the greatest at ensuring everything is paid. Homeowners often overlook essential steps, including reviewing the policy and checking the criteria. These type of mistakes often causes the insurance claim to be voided, even if your roof is already in the process of being repaired.

With our roofing insurance claims service, we guide you through the entire process step-by-step. From checking the policy to taking photos, we ensure you complete the whole filing process with their guidance. They will also help you start the necessary roofing project needed to make your roof whole. Lastly, we conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is in order before submitting your claim.

Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company provides you with flawless roof repairs or replacements. We also offer gutter cleaning and other related services. We’ve been helping local RGV homeowners for many years in filing claims and fixing their roofs. Call us today at (956) 253-1206. We are open around the clock for your roofing needs.

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Ready to get what you deserve?
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keep what's yours.
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Ready to Get What You Deserve?
Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
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Ready to Get What You Deserve? Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
Call (956) 358-4000 for a
FREE Estimate.

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