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Aren’t Roofing Contractors all the Same?

You may think that all Edinburg roofing contractors are all the same. But once you read the story about Frank Gonzalez, owner of Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company, you will understand how this man and his company are different.

Frank learned early in his roofing career how it takes massive, heroic LEAPs to serve you and the RGV communities at the highest level possible and beyond.

You will see how it took him a Leap of Faith to enter the extremely competitive roofing contractors industry, where he is a top leading company.

You will understand what motivated him to take a Leap of Defense for your protection against the insurance companies and how he and his employees take a Leap of Action every day to provide you with superior customer service, expert roofing quality, and ethical insurance procedures.

And finally, you will learn how his clients take a Leap of Joy after receiving payment from their legitimate claims that Frank helped facilitate resulting in getting the roof they deserve.

A LEAP of Faith

My name is Frank Gonzalez, and I have been involved in the insurance business for many years. Before I started Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company over eight years ago, I was the finance and insurance manager at Mercedes Benz.

Yes, it was a desk job with lots of paperwork. Yes, I worked 12-plus hour days. Yes, I missed my family. And yes, I thought there had to be a better, more fulfilling way to help people while at the same time being able to focus on my family.

One day, as I was completing a customer’s finance forms, the customer said, “Frank, you would be terrific in helping people with roofing insurance claims. You already know how to negotiate with lenders to help your customers get the best deals. You understand how to work with insurance companies. And best of all, you’ll be able to spend more time with your family.”

The definition of a serendipitous moment is when an event occurs by chance that changes your life for the better when you least expect it. And that’s exactly what happened.

Who knew that a customer’s conversation would have such an impact on my life just when I was looking for a change. So I took a Leap of Faith and never looked back.

We work for you, not the insurance company

A Leap of Defense

After I took my leap of faith, it wasn’t long until a massive hailstorm hit the Edinburg/McAllen area. I realized right then that I had made the right career change because of the many homeowners who desperately needed my help.

But here’s what I also realized. There was a lot of trouble going on between homeowners and the insurance company. I saw how insurance companies weren’t forking over what they owned their policyholders for damaged roofs.

It makes you mad when you see good people pay their insurance premiums month after month, year after year, and then have their property damage claims denied or underpaid.

I knew then I had to do something about this type of abuse, so I took another leap—this time a Leap of Defense.

You see, the problem is that many people just accept what the insurance company says it will pay. Many homeowners don’t know any better, but we do.

Most homeowners aren’t going to climb on their roof with a camera and take pictures of the damage. Heck, they don’t even know what to look for, but again, we do.

We know precisely how to recognize what the insurance company overlooked. We document every scrape, every dent, every piece of damage your roof has encountered. And then we fight for you until the wrong has turned into a right, and you get your accurate claim paid in full.


We have your back 100% through the process

A LEAP to Action

It’s unfortunate to have to say this, but it is rare if ever we see an insurance company pay the money you’re entitled to so your roof can be replaced or repaired correctly. Every day I see how my clients are short-changed on the damages and even denied for legitimate claims.

Our roofing contractors take action so you can get the roof you need and deserve from start to finish. It’s time for you to relax and stop worrying and allow us to work for you.

Our vast umbrella of services includes:

  • Estimates
  • Appraisals
  • Commercial assessments
  • Insurance adjusters negotiation
  • Inspecting
  • Roofing work
Did you know that it doesn’t take a major storm for you to acquire a new roof? Even a minor windstorm can entitle you to qualify for a replacement.

Our years of roofing contractors experience and industry inside knowledge provides you leverage that most homeowners don’t have—especially those who attempt to wrangle through the insurance process alone.

We have your back and will take full action to get you what you need.

Insurance Company Still Won’t Pay?

Imagine we have done everything possible to provide you a legitimate roofing claim with hard evidence that includes photographs, an accurate estimate using the same software the insurance companies use, comparing estimates with the adjuster, and negotiating. However, the insurance company still refuses to pay.

Now what?

If the insurance company wants to stick to their guns, doesn’t want to negotiate with us, doesn’t want to pay you what our estimate indicates, doesn’t want to help you out, we have another tool in our arsenal.

Should this happen, we take a considerable Leap of Action with our partners to help you legally. No, we are not attorneys, but our partners are, and they will get you what you need for your roof.

And remember, you never pay anything out of pocket, even when it’s necessary to take legal action.

So there is always hope no matter what your experience with the insurance company has been. We fight for what you are legally owed to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.

We Handle Your Roofing Claims

From A to Z, we know what route to take as soon as we inspect your roof. Our roofing claims service is 100% solid and successful.

The number 1 icon.

You contact us.

The number 2 icon.

We access the damage.

The number 3 icon.

Our adjuster takes extensive photos.

The number 4 icon.

We write an estimate.

The number 5 icon.

We negotiate for your rights.

The number 6 icon.

The insurance company pays in full.

The number 7 icon.

We then conduct all your roofing needs.

We Handle Your Roofing Needs

As certified Edinburg roofing contractors, we streamline your entire roofing installation from start to finish to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The number 1 icon.

You are paid in full by the insurance company.

The number 2 icon.

We get your exact measurements.

The number 3 icon.

We accurately order your roofing materials.

The number 4 icon.

We schedule the roofing supply delivery.

The number 5 icon.

We schedule a date for your installation.

The number 6 icon.

Your roof is repaired or replaced with perfection.

The number 7 icon.

You are a super happy client with a new roof!

Our roofing claims service costs you nothing

A Leap of Joy

One day a friend of mine called about his elderly parents whose roof leaked after one of our major rainstorms. He explained how the insurance company refused to pay, stating the leak was due to an old roof—not the weather.

This is the same insurance company his parents had been paying on-time premiums for the last thirty-five years. But that didn’t matter. The insurance company’s decision was firm.

Until we got involved.

We Got to Work

We immediately started our process by helping his parents file another claim. As we suspected, the insurance company adjuster went out to the home and reported the same information—the roof was old, and that was that. The elderly couple would have to repair the leak themselves with their own money. Money they didn’t have.

And to make things worse, the leak was in the master bedroom, where the smell of mold and mildew permeated the air.

We moved forward with our estimator, our inspector, and wrote the estimate. We sent the information to the insurance adjuster and negotiated with him.

And you know what happened?

My friend’s parents got more from the insurance company they needed to install a new roof and repair the damage inside their home created by the leak.

Needless to say, the RGV resident was happy, my friend was happy, and we were happy. In fact, we were joyful to see this couple get what they deserved, who could now sleep at night without breathing the stench of mold and being tortured by the sound of constant dripping whenever it rained.

Share the Joy

And you can be joyful too. Don’t settle for what the insurance company says regarding your claim if it doesn’t fit your needs. It’s time for you to Leap for Joy along with us because, as Khalil Gibran, best known as the author of The Prophet, said, “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”

And that’s what we, as Edinburg roofing contractors, experience every day as we work hard for your rights. We give with joy, which, in turn, is our reward when we see the sheer joy on our clients’ faces.

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Ready to Get What You Deserve?
Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
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Ready to Get What You Deserve? Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
Call (956) 358-4000 for a
FREE Estimate.

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