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11 Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Importance

Roof maintenance extends your home’s longevity and increases its value by ridding the roof of mold and dirt accumulated over time.

However, roof treatment is a precise task that requires specific know-how and adapting techniques to avoid any deterioration.

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Your roof is exposed to all kinds of external dangers that jeopardize its function and appearance. Dirt, moss, insects, microorganisms, and bad weather can damage your roof if it is not attended to properly.

Regular roof maintenance optimizes its use and prolongs its life, not to mention how regular care enhances your roof’s look and gives it a facelift.

Therefore, roofing experts advise that you have your roof inspected at least once a year for regular maintenance cleaning and check-up.

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Our Roof 
Maintenance Services

For a roof to offer optimal performance, it must be designed and installed according to the roofing industry’s rules. After its installation, it is essential to set up a preventive maintenance program adapted to your roof’s needs to reach and even exceed its expected lifespan.

Our roof maintenance services include:

Roof Coating

Protect your roof from the RGV heat and humidity with a transparent or colored roof coating.

Roof Painting

Do you want to give a new look to your roof covering: tiles or slates? We have a solution with repainting.

Roof Waterproofing

Water repellent is a product composed of water and silicone acrylic resin, allowing rainwater to slide along the roof.

Roof Coating


Tiles and slates can often look dull and weathered after a few years. But using a transparent or colored roof coating makes it possible to give them a new appearance and protect them against heat and humidity.

A coating maintains the appearance of the roof and protects it from the elements. Because a roof can suffer a lot under the weather’s influence, tiles and slates can become porous. This porosity causes small cracks that moisture can seep into where moss, lichen, and algae cling more quickly to the surface.

To combat this problem, we can defoam your roof to clean it. However, frequent defoaming can make your roof weak over time. For this reason, it is crucial to apply a coating on the roof after cleaning to protect it.

Roof Coating Benefits


  • Improved Appearance
  • Cost Savings
  • Moisture Protection
  • Increased Home Value

Types of Roof Coatings

There are different types of roof coatings, each having its own specific function.

As an example, you can opt for a reflective protective layer, which, as its name suggests, reflects the sun’s rays making your home cooler in the summer.

There are also rubber liners that help cover roof cracks. These flexible coatings are resistant to temperature variations and ultraviolet rays.

Special coatings exist for concrete tiles, which can become porous. These coatings penetrate well into the material and also have a water repellent action.

There are also aesthetic coatings for artificial slates and ceramic tiles, which protect against humidity and algae growth.

How We Apply Your Roof Coating

Before applying the coating, the roof must first be thoroughly cleaned.

The cleaning method depends on the type of roof you have, but most of the time, a specific product and a pressure washer are used.

As soon as the roof is clean and sufficiently dry, the roof coating can be applied in two layers. We apply these layers with a brush or roller, but it is also possible to nebulize the coating with a paint gun, depending on your roof’s cover and condition. The paint should dry for a few hours between each coat application.

Roof Coatings Color Choices

The coating we apply to your roof can be transparent or any color.

The most popular colors are charcoal gray, aluminum gray, black, light red, and burgundy red. You can also opt for more original shades, such as leaf green or royal blue, and a matte, satin, or shiny finish.

The coating is usually composed of high-quality acrylic paint combined with additives that protect the roof against moisture and dirt.

Roof Painting


Roof maintenance is the first line of defense against natural elements. Rain, wind, sunlight (UV), and dirt directly attack this home’s sensitive component.

While other exterior painting jobs are for decorative purposes, roof painting is primarily for home safety. In fact, every homeowner should seriously consider hiring a professional to ensure efficient, quality work.

So if you notice your roof looking dull, making your home look sad or even neglected, consider having your roof painted.

Roof Coating Benefits

  • Promotes Self-Cleaning
  • Protects Against Plant Growth
  • Blocks Mineral Deposits
  • Improves Insulation
  • Boosts Home Appearance

Promotes Self-Cleaning

❌  Problem: Roof paints reduce the water absorption rate and a beading effect that prevents rainwater penetration into the material. Rainwater trickles down the roof without impregnating the top. Although waterproof, roof paint is micro-porous that protects your roof while allowing it to breathe.

✅  Solution: Painting your roof helps to ensure that rainwater does not enter the material. Even during heavy downpours, rainwater slides down the slope of the roof. In doing so, they carry with them the dirt, germs, and pollution that make your roof dirty.

Protects Against Plant Growth

❌  Problem: Mosses, lichens, and algae trap moisture on the roof surface and make materials porous. This moisture, which stagnates on the roof, infiltrates the support and promotes mold and fungi development. Visible to the naked eye, vegetation develops micro-roots which agglomerate and crack the cover.

✅  Solution: The installation of roof paint, preceded by a thorough cleaning and a roof defoamer, preserves the cover of your house from the development of invasive vegetation.

Blocks Mineral Deposits

❌  Problem: Temperature variations and humidity on your roof cause salts to crystallize through water evaporation. This phenomenon produces efflorescence that settles in the porous structure of your roof’s supports and causes its deterioration.

✅   Solution: Repainting your roof limits salt efflorescence’s harmful effects by preventing their penetration into the roof.

Improves Insulation

❌  Problem: Cold and heat escape from a dull roof, causing you to spend more money on utilities.

✅  Solution: Roof paint is a breathable thermal barrier that protects your home from both cold and heat.

You can also choose a reflective paint for roofing, which ensures the sun’s rays’ reflection and makes it possible to insulate your house’s roof spaces to preserve them from the extreme summer heat in the RGV.

Boosts Home Appearance

❌  Problem: Constant sun exposure causes roofing elements such as shingles or metal surfaces to deteriorate, endanger the roof structure or even the entire house.

✅  Solution: To give your roof a boost, consider special roof paint. You can apply a colorless varnish that will keep the original color or choose a shade you like from the wide range of colors that we carry.

Roof Waterproofing


Whatever the roof of your house (sloping, flat, or rounded), waterproofing your roof is an essential element to take into consideration. Poor sealing can have disastrous consequences, such as humidity problems, water infiltration, mold and fungus, and higher energy consumption.

What is a Waterproof Roof?

A roof is said to be waterproof when it protects the house’s inhabitants from weather and humidity. Air circulation must be optimized in the house, mainly through mechanical ventilation. Then, the roof must be made with waterproof materials and products.

A non-waterproofed roof causes condensation in the home, mold that degrades the building in the long term, and unpleasant drafts for the occupants.

Some Reasons for Waterproof Roof Problems

  • Lack of Watertight Flashings
  • No Under-Roof Screen
  • Broken or Damaged Tiles

The application of a roof water repellent makes it possible to reinforce your roof’s resistance to the extreme weather we have here in the RGV. It also ensures the waterproofing of your roofing.

Benefits of Roof Waterproofing 

  • It reinforces the resistance and durability of your roof
  • It seals the roof and prevents moisture problems in the house
  • It limits the appearance of vegetation on the roof
  • It allows the roof to keep a new look for years

Two Types of Water Repellent Products

  1. Film-forming water repellent that acts like paint by covering your roof and forming a protective film over the tiles. Water-repellent paint generally has a pearl effect. Rather than absorbing water, your tiles or slate will let it flow down to the gutter, limiting any moisture-related issues on your roof.
  2. Water repellent with a beading effect. This water repellent treatment does not cover the tile but is impregnated inside and transmits its water repellent capabilities.Water repellent products with a beading effect are preferred, which are more expensive but have the advantage of allowing the roof to breathe. Also, the beading effect waterproofing products are more durable and are an excellent financial investment in the long term.

    A good tile water repellant can last up to ten years without needing to be renewed. A well-treated roof will only require regular cleaning to stay beautiful and entirely waterproof.

When to Apply Roof Waterproofing?


  • On a new roof: applying a new roof treatment will increase its longevity and facilitate its maintenance.
  • As soon as necessary, if you notice that your water repellent’s beading effect is no longer working and the roof starts to suffer from humidity, a waterproofing treatment is in order!

It is essential to entrust the maintenance of your roof to a specialized roofer like Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company to guarantee a top-quality operation and peace of mind lasting for years.

Roof MaintenanceSpecialists

Roofing is a delicate element that can improve or deteriorate your home. Like Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company, using a qualified professional is always preferable to take care of your roof in the best possible way.

We understand what is best for your RGV roof based on its exposure, our climate here, the type of roofing, and the paint to choose.

Maintaining a roof requires respecting a certain number of safety rules to avoid accidents. It is dangerous to be walking on a sloped roof, which is something we do every day.

We are experienced with full insurance coverage and protection necessary to carry out work on the roof while minimizing the risks.

Contact us at (956) 253-1206 to discuss your roof maintenance needs.

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