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11 Roof Maintenance Tips

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A roof inspection is a critical step in the maintenance of your roof. We strongly recommend you inspect your roof once a year to avoid and anticipate any problems in the near future.

Much like your annual medical checkup, it is important to keep an eye on your roof’s health even if you don’t expect any damage.

Even if your roof appears fine, a careful inspection can reveal less obvious damage, so don’t let a superficial appearance give you a false sense of security.

Edinburg, Tx home with tile roof.

The roof inspection is a critical step in the maintenance of your roof.  Because of our  experienced roofers, you will be provided a detailed report of your roof ‘s inspection with any recommendations.

All our inspections are carried out according to the strict roofing protocols and comply with all the necessary safety measures. During the inspection, some of the thing we look for are:

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Roof Inspection and Accessment 

Property management companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, home buyers, sellers, and homeowners all utilize our roofing inspection reports to protect their properties. Our customers find our inspection services to be:


Even though our inspections require extensive expertise, it doesn’t mean you pay top dollar.


Periodic inspections ensure your roof offers its maximum life and doesn’t cause further damage.


We inspect your roof timely and provide a detailed report of our findings to help you make the right roofing decisions.

Types of Roof Inspection

Our complete inspection process allows you to better assess your roof system by reporting on the coating’s general condition, the robustness of the structure, the waterproofing of the housing, and the protection against bad weather in the RVG area.

After this inspection, the data you will receive will allow you to determine the presence of damage or loss of efficiency in your roofing system.

Outside Inspection

After a storm such as a hailstorm, we begin the inspection by checking for signs of pavement wear from the ground. This inspection will also verify the roof insulation or damage around the roof and in the gutters.

Inside Inspection

We can identify the presence of a roof leak from inside your property. There may be traces of infiltration such as peeling paint, joints tearing, or ceiling discoloration.

Attic Inspection

We look for attics that show signs of dampness, such as mold or compacted insulation, to check if the attic is adequately ventilated.

Roof vents help keep the attic cooler in the summer and prevent condensation from forming in the winter – when cold air from outside meets warmer air in your attic.

Stepped Flashing Inspection

Stepped flashing is used in diagonal roof transitions. If it is improperly installed or rusted, it could cause a significant leak that is sometimes difficult to locate. We ensure the step flashing is well secured and not rusted by years of exposure.

Counter Flashing Inspection

Counter flashings are commonly used around chimneys, stepped flashings, and anywhere there might be a roof-to-wall transition. We inspect these items to ensure they are correctly sealed.

Gutter Inspection

We inspect gutters to make sure they’re not obstructed and effectively allow water drainage.

Nailhead Inspection

An unusual problem that we encounter on older roofs is improper nailing. Some installers nail too high or too low, and worse yet, they don’t use enough nails for the shingles.

As a result, nails can quickly recoil as the decking expands and contracts, causing the shingles to appear. Nailheads can lead to small holes as they rub against the shingles if they are not removed. We check for nails and ensure that the shingles are properly attached.


Roof InspectionSpecialists

Texas Damage Consultants Roofing Company provides thorough roof inspections and roof certifications to ensure that your roof’s structural integrity remains intact.

Whether it is following the purchase of a new property, a request from your insurance company, or as a routine check, it is worth having your roof examined for safety and health reasons.

We do a complete analysis of your roof during a roof inspection, from the top covering to the ventilation system (soffits and exhaust dampers), including insulation and gutters. We can examine all types of roofs, such as sloping or flat roofs, elastomeric membrane cladding, asphalt shingles, metal shingles, tile, and more.

Our qualified and experienced inspectors examine the entire roof area, taking photos of any defects observed. We document our observations and recommend maintenance measures to correct any deficiencies noted.

Contact us today at (956) 253-1206 when you need a roof inspection for your home. We proudly serve the communities of the entire Rio Grande Valley.

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Ready to Get What You Deserve?
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Ready to Get What You Deserve? Don't Let the Insurance Company
Keep What's Yours.
Call (956) 358-4000 for a
FREE Estimate.

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